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Conference 2015 Autumn (Okinawa) & International Zoysiagrass Symposium
















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Nov.20 (Fri.)-Nov.23 (Mon.) 

Nov. 20 (Fri) Excursion

Nov. 21 (Sat) Conference

Nov. 22 (Sun) International Symposium

Nov. 23 (Mon) Excursion

Place: Okinawa-Jichikaikan (Okinawa)


 Nov. 20(Fri.)

Tour A - Okinawa inland-South area

Golf A - play and discussion (under planning)

 Nov. 21(Sat.)

AM: Sectional Meeting:

1) Golf Courses

2) School Turf

3) Ground Cover plants

4) Parks and Open spaces

PM: Business Meeting

Symposium (to be announced)

 Nov. 22(Sun.)

 International Zoysiagrass Symposium


Dr. Bruce Martin (Clemson University, USA)

Dr. Joon Soo Choi (Dankook University, Korea)

Dr. Liebao Han (Beijing Forestry University, China)

Dr. Makoto Kobayashi

(NARO Institute of Livestock & Grassland Science, Japan)

Japanese Scientist’ Speech contest


 Nov. 23(Mon.)

Tour B- Okinawa inland-Central & North area

Golf B – play and discussion (under planning)



Okinawa-Jichikaikan (Okinawa)


10 minutes taxi from Okinawa International Airport

5 minutes’ walk from Asahibashi station (monorail from Okinawa Int’l Airport)

Contact Information

jsts● (Please change from ● to @)

Open Symposium 2014

"Overview of Japanese Turfgrass Disease Studies"

Nov.30 (Sun)

Meiji University (Tokyo)

Autumn Conference 2014 Autumn (Sendai)

 Oct.3(Fri) - Oct.5(Sun)

Sendai University (Miyagi)


 Oct. 3 (Fri)

Tour: 311 Earthquake and Tsunami affected areas, Grandy 21 Stadium, Sendai Univ. Rugby Ground

Golf: play and discussion (Sectional meeting of Golf Courses (part 1))

 Oct. 4 (Sat) 

Sectional Meeting: Golf Courses (Part 2)

Sectional Meeting: School Turf

Business Meeting

Symposium:”The Role of Turfgrass in Disaster Prevention and Recover”

 Oct. 5 (Sun) 

Sectional Meeting: Parks and Open Space

Sectional Meeting: Ground Cover Plants

Special Lecture: ”World Cup Soccer and Sports in Japan”


Sendai University

Postal Number 989-1693

2-2-18 Funaoka-Minami Shibata-cho Shibata-Gun Miyagi prifecture



10 minutes walk from Hunaoka Station (JR-East Tohoku Line)

 Contact Information

Open Symposium 2014

"Comprehensive evaluation for sustainable promotion of schoolyard lawn"

Aug. 30 (Sat) - Aug. 31 (Sun)

Tokyo University (Tokyo)

Open Symposium 2014

”Sports and Turf 2: Rugby and Turf"

Aug. 3(Sun)

Saitama University (Saitama)

Spring Conference 2014

May. 30 (Fri) - June.1 (Sun)

Fukushima University (Fukushima)

Open Symposium 2013

”Sports and Turf 1: Soccer and Turf "


Kasumigaoka National Stadium (Tokyo)

Spring Conference 2013

June 15 (Fri) - June 16 (Sun)

 Ikuta Campus of Meiji University (Kanagawa)


Conference 2015 Spring (Fujisawa)

 Jun. 19 (Fri) - Jun. 21 (Sun) 


Excursion (June 19) : 

Start at Odawara (小田原) station at 9am.

Final destination is Yokohama (横浜)

Golf play (June 19) :

Wakasu (若洲) Golf Links (Tokyo)

Main conference (June 20 and 21) 

College of Bioresource Sciences, Nihon University

( Fujisawa-city, Kanagawa prefecture )


Access Map(English)

日本大学生物資源科学部 (神奈川県藤沢市)

One and half hour from Haneda airport

Two and half hour from Narita airport

六会日大前:Nearest station to the Main venue (Nihon University)

藤沢:Recommended place for stay

小田原:Meeting place for the excursion on June 19

江之島 and 鎌倉:Recommended places for sight seeing



羽田空港(Haneda airport )-- [横浜( Yokohama )]-- 藤沢( Fujisawa ): 1 hour

六会日大前( Mutsuai-Nichidaimae )-- 藤沢( Fujisawa ) : 7 min

藤沢 ( Fujisawa ) -- 小田原 ( Odawara ) : 33min

藤沢 ( Fujisawa ) -- 片瀬江之島 ( Katase-Enoshima ) : 7 min

藤沢 ( Fujisawa ) -- [ 大船( Ofuna )]-- 鎌倉 ( Kamakura ) :17 min

Schedule (Tentative Schedule as of April 24)

June 19 (Fri) Excursion & Golf Play 

The excursion and golf play will be held on the same time.

You can attend only one of them.


Start at Odawara(小田原) station at 9 am.

We will visit the following places by chartered bus.

Kindergarten and school grounds

covered by turfgrasses

Yokohama War Cemetery of British Commonwealth of Nations

Marinos Town

football club, Yokohama F-Marinos

The tour ends in the evening at the place in Yokohama city.

Attendance fee

JPY5000. (Including lunch)

Please write down full names of all attendants and mail address and send email to the committee <> by May 15.

As a general rule, payment should be done by May 15. But as a special measure, attendants from overseas can pay the fee on-site. Therefore please notify us immediately if you need to cancel the tour.

Details of meeting place etc. will be announced to the subscribers later

Golf Play (June 19) 

Wakasu Golf Links

Study and play golf at the Wakasu (若洲) Links in Koto-Ward(江東区), Tokyo.

The detailed contents have not determined.

If you have interest in this event, please send inquiry mail to the following address.

Then we send back detailed information after preparation.

Because the excursion will be held on the same day of the Golf play, you can attend only one of them.

June 20 (Sat) Main conference 

9:30 – 11:30

Symposium of Golf Course division 

9:30 – 11:30

Symposium of School Turf 

(Above two symposiums are held on the same time)


General meeting


Special Talk

Lecturer:GOMYO Kimio (五明公男)

( Professor emeritus and past head coach of the baseball team of Hosei University )

15:00 - 17:15


“Turf and Turfgrasses in the eastern Asia ” (Temporally Theme)

JOO Young Kyoo(朱 泳圭)

Yonsei University(延世大学), Korea

LIN Shen-Lin(林 深林)

National Chung-Hsing University(中興大学),Taiwan

The lecturers speak in English.

17:30 – 19:00

Welcome Party 

June 21 (Sun) Main conference 

9:00 - 11:15

Oral presentation of academic reports

11:30 - 12:30

Core time of the Poster Session

12:30 - 14:30

Symposium of Park and Open Space Division

12:30 - 14:30

Symposium of Ground Cover Plants Division

(Above two symposiums are held on the same time)

14:45 – 16:00

Talk show by young lady turfgrass keepers 

“The Task of Turfgrass Keepers ” 

Call for Posters 

Posters of reports about research, experiment, construction, management, education and the other affairs concerning to turf or turfgrasses are invited.

Reports for this session are not necessarily original.

The reports can include contents which have reported at home country or international conferences.

Please see details on another page.

Advertisements on the Proceedings and Commercial Display 

If you have interest in them, please send inquiry mail by May 7 to the following address.

Early contact is recommended.

Original Research Papers 

Sorry but the application for original research papers for oral session was already closed. Please apply at next conference.

Participant Fees 

Participant to the conference

(June 20 and 21 exclude the welcome party)

JPY 8000.

Welcome Party at the evening, June 20(Sat)

JPY 8000

Excursion on June 19(Fri)

JPY 5000

Golf play on June 19(Fri)

Not determined yet

If you are a member of the Japanese Society of Turfgrass Science, discount prices are adopted. Inquire details by e-mail.



Reservation is needed by May 11.

Golf Play

We are preparing now. Please send inquire e-mail.

Conference participation except excursion and golf play:

You can entry on the day.

But please send a mail as early as possible even if you have not decided to come. Then we can send you useful information.

If you are a member of the Japanese Society of Turfgrass Science, there are early bird discounts, too.


One of the recommended hotel is Toyoko Inn Shonan Kamakura Fujisawa-eki Kita-guchi




Other hotels in Fujisawa city area are also convenient for the venue.

(English) Fujisawa Hotels

(中文) Fujisawa Hotels

(한국)tripadvisor Fujisawa Hotels


Please feel free to inquire anything to us.

Invitation of posters for the “International Information Exchange Session”.

Reports of research, experiment, construction, management, education and the other affairs concerning to turf and turfgrasses are invited to this session.

( Commercials are omitted in this session. Paying commercials on the proceedings and commercial displays at the venue are invited by the other way. Please ask details if you have interest in them.)

The authors of this poster session are not necessarily members of this society. Reports for this session are not necessarily original. The reports can include contents which have reported at home country or international conferences. (Application of original research papers for oral session was already closed.)

One of the author(s) of each poster must attend the conference and stand by the poster from 11:30 to 12:30, June 21 to explain to the visitors.

Maximum limit of the poster width is 85cm. Maximum length is 170cm, but recommended to be within 120cm because lower part is hard to watch. Complex of small papers is allowed. The poster should be written by Japanese and/or English.

The poster must be attached before 11am on June 20 and removed between 2pm and 4pm on June 21 by yourself. Pins for attachment are prepared by the committee.

To apply for this session, please send a mail with the following information.

Name of the author(s) : English and Chinese characters if you have.

Affiliation of the author(s):English and Chinese characters if it has.

Title : English and Japanese (Our committee helps translating into Japanese, if needed)

Category : Choose one of the following categories.

Abstract of research or experiments

Report of construction or management

Introduction of organization for research or education

(Commercial company is not included. Paying advertising can be submitted by another way. Please ask for details.)

Other ( )

Title of the poster, authors name and affiliation will be printed on the proceedings of this conference. But the contents are not printed on the proceedings.

Mail address to apply. :

Dead line to apply. : May 15

Invitation letter is issued by your request. It doesn’t mean economical support.

The attendants of the conference need to pay attendance fee for the conference. Additional payment is not required for this session.

Presentations in this session are not recognized as original research papers.

Original research papers were invited to the academic session. But it has already been closed.

Whenever you have any question, please feel free to send mails to any of the following addresses.

Committee for the Spring Conference 2015

Japanese Society of Turfgrass Science